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  • Nicholas Hanna


    NMLS# 590615

    Nicholas Hanna is a seasoned veteran of the loan industry. Since 1989 he has been a loan processor, originator and underwriter for every type of financial institution from large banks to small community banks to credit unions to mortgage companies. He has experience with conventional loans, FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, USDA Rural Housing loans, community bond programs and more. Nick has seen this industry go through many ups and downs, but one constant has been the majority of loan officers who put together an incomplete and/or inaccurate loan file, causing frustrations and disenchantment to their borrowers. 

    Nick started Sundial Capital with the vision of a boutique mortgage company who offered extremely competitive loans with the promise of an accurate application, correct documentation requirements and stellar communication throughout the process. 

    We don't aim to be the biggest. We do aim to provide a fair service that customers will appreciate in hopes they will refer their friends and family. 


At Sundial Capital, we understand time is money. That is why we use our efficient process to close the average loan in 14 days. Check to see if you qualify now!