• Tel: (208) 580-4947
    Email: nick@sundialcapitalllc.com

    • Do you hold a credit license?

      Absolutely. Both Nicholas Hanna, President/Loan Consultant and Sundial Capital, LLC are both fully licensed.

    • Will you charge a broker fee?

      It depends. Most of the time we get paid by the end investor for placing the loan with them, but there are some products where a fee is necessary. Regardless, ALL loan fees are fully transparent so you know exactly what you will be paying prior to closing.

    • Why should I use a mortgage broker?

      Brokers offer loan products from a variety of lenders. If you apply with a bank or mortgage banker you are at the mercy of their specific loan products. Brokers simply allow for a vast array of products and loan types.

    • How can we be sure that you will submit an accurate, complete loan?

      With Sundial Capital, you get a loan consultant with years of underwriting experience. It has been his job to ensure loan packages are complete and accurate prior to sale to investors. Let an underwriter put your deal together!

    • Do you choose particular lenders to get a higher commission?

      Absolutely not. We simply want to close loans for our clients and give them the best product and pricing for their needs. With the lowest overhead in the industry, you can be assured that commission amounts aren't our concern. 


At Sundial Capital, we understand time is money. That is why we use our efficient process to close the average loan in 14 days. Check to see if you qualify now!