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  • VA Loans are appealing to many eligible veterans because it they offers 100 percent financing and low interest rates. There are also many other benefits to help past and present military personnel purchase or refinance a home.

    Fixed Payments

    Fully amortizing fixed loans means the borrower’s interest rate never varies as long as the loan is repaid as agreed. Many borrowers prefer a fixed mortgage because it provides a sense of consistency and security, in contrast to other loans with introductory interest rates that have the potential to increase later in the term of the loan.

    Don’t Need Perfect Credit

    VA Loans are often easier to qualify for when compared to other mortgage programs. Even those who have had some credit issues in the past may be eligible for VA financing with a low interest rate.

    No Mortgage Insurance Premiums

    Because a VA Loan is guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, borrowers aren’t required to pay monthly PMI, which helps keep mortgage payments low. There is a one-time VA funding fee required at closing, which can generally be financed into the loan.


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