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    There are no shortage of options to obtain a mortgage these days. So what factors should you take into consideration when choosing a mortgage company?


    1) Pricing - Everyone likes to save money, right? Obtaining a mortgage can be an expensive venture. It is imperative that you obtain a loan estimate from your prospective lenders. There are several financial aspects to consider: rate, term, points, fees, etc. Compare ALL the facets of the loan before making a decision.

    2) Products - Does your lender offer the program that fits your needs? If you are needing a straight old-fashioned 30 year fixed then your options are vast. But what if you need a specific product that not everyone offers? A low-cost broker may be your best option as brokers have the ability to match your  needs with a product another lender offers. And it doesn't cost you any extra.

    3) Knowledge - Research your prospective loan officer. How long have they been in the industry? What types of jobs have they held? Here at Sundial Capital, we believe our experience and knowledge in multiple loan programs gives us the advantage over most loan officers in the field today. Has your loan officer been an underwriter for over 20 years? With Sundial Capital, you get our unique perspective and knowledge which equates to clean approvals and fast closings.

    4) Service - Everybody touts their great service, but how many follow through? At Sundial you will get ONE point of contact and you will feel like you are the only client. We know how important this transaction is to you and will keep you informed every step of the way. We're also not afraid to be honest; if we can't help you, we'll tell you!


At Sundial Capital, we understand time is money. That is why we use our efficient process to close the average loan in 14 days. Check to see if you qualify now!